Deer Park Villa is Marin ~ Since 1922


AntoinetteThis place has held a special place in our hearts ever since we were kids playing around the property as Grandpa Joe worked in the vegetable garden behind his house. Our grandmother Antoinette would be behind the bar telling a colorful story to one of her many customers. Our father Bob, Uncle Harry, and Aunt Dolores ran the restaurant day to day.

The two-story Carriage House was the first structure built on the property in 1902. The Villa was a lodge for many years and opened up as a restaurant in 1922. It is the longest running restaurant in Marin County and oldest family restaurant in the Bay Area – spanning four generations.

Joe came over from Italy at the age of sixteen. He met Antoinette at the famous Fly Trap restaurant in San Francisco. He was an avid sportsman, gardener and chef. He planted the majestic Redwood Tree Grove that has been host to thousands of special events. While some in the restaurant business measure success by how many years they continue serving their guests, Deer Park’s success is measured in decades. Through the best of times and the tumultuous, the Ghiringhelli family and Deer Park Villa have always endured.


Joe and Antoinette’s dream was to keep the Deer Park Villa alive for generations to come. Bob, Harry, and Dolores shared that vision. The new Deer Park Villa is a tribute to the past generations and a promise of future generations to come. We thank all our loyal supporters over the decades. We welcome all to join our family and enjoy the historic Deer Park Villa.